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When the time comes to dispose of an older car, one is faced with many choices and challenges.  Sell it, trade it in, junk it or donate it.  Selling a car can be unpleasant and difficult, while trading it in may not bring you the money you expect.  Selling the car to a junk yard for scrap will give you some money, but nothing will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your donation could benefit so many people.  .

All proceeds from sale of donated car benefit the charity.   Personal Leasing Co. provides titling and transportation service for all donated vehicles so that 100% of all proceeds benefit those in need. Contact Matt Rawlings at 216-252-5546 for more information. To send us information on a car to be donated you may CONTACT US

If your car is running or not, you can donate it to one of the charities below, get a tax deduction and help the lives of those less fortunate

St. Augustine Church on W.14th Street in Cleveland's Tremont Area. This is home to a hunger center in the city of Cleveland, Community Cupboard and Ministry to Persons with Disabilities. For the past 45 years St. Augustine Church has been serving the needs of the poor, blind and deaf persons in the city of Cleveland. For more information: St. Augustine Church

Lakewood Kiwanis Foundation provides high school students a four year scholarship to attend a college or university of their choice.  Scholarships in excess of $ 2.2 million have been awarded since 1950.  For more information: Lakewood Kiwanis Foundation